Counseling & Legal Services

The Center for Health Care Rights’ toll free telephone hotline provides easy access to one-on-one counseling services on Medicare, Medi-Cal and other health care topics. Please contact our telephone hotline Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm to schedule an appointment for counseling services.

We provide help with questions and problems relating to:

  • Medicare Part A and B Eligibility, Benefits and Claims
  • Medicare Coverage Rules
  • Medicare Coordination with Private Insurance
  • Medicare Part D Plan Choices
  • Insurance options for supplementing Medicare – Medigap insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Benefits and Claims
  • Programs That Help Low Income Beneficiaries with Medical Expenses —Medi-Cal, Medicare Savings Programs
  • Part D Prescription Costs – The Low Income Subsidy Program, “Extra Help”

CHCR’s legal services provide assistance with Medicare Part A, B and D appeals, serious access to care problems in a Medicare Advantage plan or Medi-Cal health plan, and other serious Medicare or Medi-Cal eligibility, claim payment, or coverage problems.