Center for Health Care RightsThe Center for Health Care Rights’ staff participate in a broad range of outreach activities to improve community awareness of CHCR’s HICAP Program and increase service delivery access to all members of our diverse Los Angeles community.

CHCR consumer education programs are available in Spanish and other languages.

CHCR community education efforts focus on helping Medicare beneficiaries and their families develop a better understanding of their Medicare benefits and costs and the health care choices offered by Medi-Cal, Medicare Advantage plans and Medigap insurance.

Our goal is to help beneficiaries understand their health care options so that they can make informed choices about their health care. CHCR does not endorse or recommend specific insurance products.

CHCR’s HICAP education workshops for consumer audiences include:

  • Understanding Your Medicare Benefits
  • Medicare Fraud
  • Medicare Part D Drug Coverage Choices
  • Closing the Gaps in Medicare Coverage
  • How Medicare and Medi-Cal Work Together
  • Medi-Cal for Older Adults and Younger Persons with Disabilities
  • Who Pays for Long Term Care
  • Ask the Advocate

Each year, CHCR Staff conducts training seminars for social and health care professionals on Medicare and Medi-Cal eligibility rules and coverage topics as well as updates on changes in Medicare and Medi-Cal policy and coverage.

CHCR’s local community partners, social service organizations and health care providers, deliver important social and health care services to CHCR’s client population – older adults and younger persons with disabilities. Professionals affiliated with these organizations rely on the Center for Health Care Rights to provide their organizations with timely, accurate information on Medicare, Medi-Cal and related private insurance topics.

CHCR professional training topics include:

  • Medi-Cal, Medi-Cal Share of Cost and the Medi-Cal 250% Working Disabled Program
  • Medicare Coverage of Durable Medi-Cal Equipment
  • Medical Financial Assistance Programs for Low Income Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Closing the Gaps in Medicare: Medicare Advantage Plans and Medigaps

For more information, please contact our Community Education Department at