Edward CCHCR helped client reinstate eligibility for Medicare.

“I reached out to CHCR because I was having issues with my Medicare coverage for End Stage Renal Disease. My wife has health insurance through her work, but we weren’t aware that once I had kidney issues that our primary insurance would take second stage. We didn’t know that… all we knew was that we had good insurance that we were paying for and thought we were ok.

CHCR was able to speak on our behalf and explain my circumstances. They understood the different types of information, which was too much for me and my wife.

I took a lot from my experience working with CHCR… never give up. Never give in. To ask questions and seek support from people with similar situations. I’ve referred [CHCR] to a friend that’s had cancer and to about over half a dozen people in the Facebook group.

I would describe CHCR as the voice for the patients, the voice for the people. You all are like guardian angels. When our voice can’t be heard because we are whispering or we don’t have the strength to yell, CHCR steps in.”

— Edward C.

CHCR assisted client with Part D coverage.

“My wife has Multiple Sclerosis and all the associated illnesses that come with MS. For a long time she was receiving Part D Extra Help and all of a sudden the assistance ended. I reached out to CHCR because the way that the documents talked about them, I thought they could help my wife and me with our problem.

As a person who has been taking care of someone for over 36 years, you can’t imagine what a relief it is to know that there is genuine assistance available. CHCR has made a huge impact on our lives.

I would describe the organization as an exquisite benefit for people who are suffering with too much to do, to be able to do things on their own. When you’re dealing with illness, care giving and a million other things, you wouldn’t dream that there is anyone out there to help you.”

— David S.

Janeska SmithCHCR assisted client in getting Part B re-instated.

“I was faced with life and death issues, even though I remained fairly silent about this. I had expressed my situation to Social Security (in a calm relaxed manner) and they had no interest in that. That was simply “too bad” for me, basically. They stated that LOUD and CLEAR with their inaction, along with stating that they couldn’t really do anything.

With CHCR’s help, I am now able to go to ‘the correct professionals’ to get more data and information, so I can continue to protect my health, as I will have a diagnosis that empowers my actions. If I had been anyone else, who doesn’t have the background, knowledge, and experience that I’ve had for over 60 years, I would NOT be writing this information today. That’s how significant this difference made through CHCR.

I can only describe CHCR to my friends, as being a LIFESAVER in dealing with issues (regarding health) through Social Security. The Social Security organization itself appears not to be interested in mild or extreme health situations. Your organization is the life link between you and the Social Security Administration.”

— Janeska S.

CHCR helped client eliminate Share of Cost and re-instate Medi-Cal coverage.

“They were taking my Social Security to pay for Medicare. It wasn’t right that they did that. So I reached out to CHCR.

Without CHCR’s help, I don’t know what I would do. I was lost. I was going to different agencies and to the Social Security office to no avail. When CHCR got some answers, they would call me… And then I received a letter from Social Security and they said they were not going to take any money from my checks.  [The situation] was resolved.

I certainly would recommend CHCR to my friends because they are concerned about the plight of everyday people and they keep you abreast of what they are doing. CHCR is thorough, compassionate, and professional.  I would recommend them to anyone in a situation like mine.”

— Angelita H.

CHCR helped client establish eligibility for Part D Extra help.

“I want to express my gratitude for CHCR’s efforts and time in handling my dad’s case. My family and I are extremely grateful for their services. I’m happy to report that we were able to get a full refund for the prescription payment of Zytiga. They also confirmed that his extra help for medication was adjusted moving forward.

Before reaching out to the Center for Health Care Rights the process to even get some type of guidance on how to pay for my dad’s prescription was so upsetting and confusing. I applaud CHCR’s dedication to assuring consumer access to quality health care. Please continue the great work!

Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided us.”

— Christina D.


“The Center for Healthcare Rights has been a terrific community partner for Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles. They provide our staff with knowledgeable, relevant, up-to-date information which we then use to assist families. Thanks to this training, our organization is able to assist families understand how to qualify for Medi-Cal on behalf of a loved one living with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. They’ve also provided assistance to families in getting qualified for Medicare. We are grateful to have the Center and its expertise in this community.”

— Debra L. Cherry, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles

Video to come.

— Darius T. Coffey
SRO Housing Corporation
James Wood Community Center

“Our team has collaborated closely with Center for Health Care Rights for many years. Partners in Care Foundation staff have benefited from their distinctive Medicare and Medi-Cal expertise. We continuously refer individuals to them for their counsel on health care coverage and rights issues – they change lives with their great guidance to those in need. Theirs is a crucial and one-of-a kind resource for the entire community.”

— June Simmons
Partners in Care Foundation