Demographic information on Los Angeles County Medicare beneficiaries describe a Medicare population that is ethnically diverse – more than 50% of beneficiaries are of ethnic communities. In addition, Medicare beneficiaries in Los Angeles County have high rates of chronic conditions and many are low income. More than 30% of Medicare beneficiaries in Los Angeles County qualify for Medi-Cal.

Who has Received CHCR Counseling and Legal Services?

During 2016-17, CHCR Staff provided one-on-one telephone hotline counseling and legal services to more than 10,900 clients and their families.

How Did CHCR Help These Clients?


Issue: Review of Medicare, Medi-Cal or other health insurance questions

Average time: One time consultation of 1 to 2 hours

Example: A new Medicare beneficiary who wants to review options for supplementing his Medicare coverage.

Issue: Review of a Medicare, Medi-Cal or other health insurance coverage or claim question or problem that requires follow-up assistance

Average time: 2 to 5 hours

Example: Counselor contacts one or more government agencies to follow up on the status of a Medi-Cal application or eligibility problem.

Issue: Assistance with a complex Medicare, Medi-Cal or other coverage, eligibility or claim payment problem, including Medicare appeals

Average time: 6 to 40 hours

Example: Research and preparation of a Medicare Part A, B D or Medicare Advantage appeal.